A hamaori (down the beach) festival of the kaichu-togyo type held at the Samukawa-jinja, Kanagawa on July 15th. Starting early in the morning several mikoshi are carried to the beach about five miles away from the shrine and with a great deal of noise and jostling are taken into the sea as a form of misogi or purification. The rowdier the festival, the better the kami are pleased. The misogi is followed by a formal rite on the shore.

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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  • Hama-ori —     Going down the beach . A type of festival in which mikoshi are carried over or into the sea, either by boat (in festivals called kaijo togyo) or carried by bearers who go into the sea (kaichu togyo).    See Hama ori sai …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

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