Hasegawa, Kakugyo

Hasegawa, Kakugyo
   A sixteenth-century ascetic devoted to the religious ascent of Mt. Fuji (see Fuji-ko). He is claimed as the original founder or inspiration of both Fuso-kyo and Jikko-kyo. The name Kakugyo means 'block-ascesis'—i.e. the ascetic discipline of standing for long periods on a block of wood in order to build up a store of power to enable communion with the kami. Hasegawa practised this discipline in the crater of Mt. Fuji and was credited with healing powers. According to legend he once gave Tokugawa, Ieyasu shelter on the mountain. He taught devotion to Sengen Dainichi, the kami-buddha deity of Mt. Fuji of the type 'separated' in the Meiji restoration. Two main lineages developed after his death, one an austere ascetic tradition and the other (Mirokuha) teaching that lay people could combine spiritual practice with daily life.

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