Kanda Matsuri
   One of the three biggest festivals of Edo (Tokyo), celebrated from May 12-16th (or 13th-18th) at the Kanda jinja where the so-chinju (overall protective deity) of the central Tokyo Nihonbashi and Kanda districts is enshrined (see Chinju no kami). A major procession with seventy mikoshi takes place on May 15. Because of their size and the danger to overhead power lines, floats (yatai) no longer take part and the smaller mikoshi have multiplied in their place. The kind of floats used in pre-Meiji times can however still be seen at the Kawagoe matsuri. During the Tokugawa period the matsuri with its magnificent floats was regarded as the festival for the townspeople of Edo and alternated every other year with the 'official' sanno matsuri of the Tokyo Hie jinja held for the shogun.

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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