Keishin seikatsu no koryo

Keishin seikatsu no koryo
   'General characteristics of a life lived in reverence of the kami'. A postwar Shinto credal statement published by the Jinja Honcho in 1956. Its main points are: (1) To be grateful for the blessings of the kami and the benefits of the ancestors, and to be diligent in the observance of Shinto rituals, applying oneself to them with sincerity, cheerfulness and purity of heart; (2) To be helpful to others and in the world at large through deeds of service without thought of reward, and to seek the advancement of the world as one whose life mediates the will of the kami; (3) To bind oneself with others in harmonious acknowledgement of the will of the emperor, praying that the country may flourish and that other peoples too may live in peace and prosperity.

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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