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  • Kojin or Kojin-sama —    Literally rough god , though he has also a nigi mitama nature (see Tama), manifested in healing. His Buddhist name is sambo kojin ( kojin of the three treasures ) and according to tradition he was first worshipped by the founder of Shugendo,… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

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  • Иноуэ, Кикуко — Кикуко Иноуэ 井上 喜久子 Имя при рождении: 井之上 喜久子 Дата рождения: 25 сентября 1964(1964 09 25) (48 лет) Место рождения …   Википедия

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  • Kamadogami —    Also kamado no kami. The kami of the kamado, the cooking stove or fire, who protects the home and family. He is widely worshipped throughout Japan with a miniature shrine in the kitchen. This kami is variously identified with named kami… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

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