Sanjo no kyosoku

Sanjo no kyosoku
   The three great teachings (=taikyo) which formed the basic creed of the Great Promulgation Campaign (taikyo senpu undo) of 1870-1884. They were (1) respect for the kami and love of country; (2) making clear the principles of heaven and the way of man; (3) reverence for the emperor and obedience to the will of the court. The teachings were new and rather vague and had to be expanded in commentaries provided to the 'national evangelists (kyodo-shoku) charged with their dissemination to the people. The commentaries encouraged payment of taxes, building up the country according to the slogan 'rich country, strong army' (fukoku kyohei), importation of Western science and culture and compulsory education. The teachings were taught in conjunction with veneration of Amaterasu and the three 'kami of creation' (see Zoka no kami) identified from the Kojiki by kokugaku scholars.

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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