Sanno shinto

Sanno shinto

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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  • Sanno ichijitsu shinto —    Also known as Tendai Shinto, Hie Shinto, Sanno Shinto. A tradition of ritual, cosmology and art which developed within the esoteric Tendai tradition based at Mt. Hiei, whose guardian deity sanno mountain king was regarded as a manifestation or …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • Shinto kaiga —    Shinto paintings. Shinto seems originally to have been aniconic, the kami having no fixed forms around which iconography could develop. Iconic representations including paintings and statues (see Shinzo) appeared as a result of Buddhist… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • Sanno —     Mountain king . It refers to sanno gongen the pre Meiji name of the guardian deity of Mt. Hiei north east of Kyoto, site of the great temple shrine complex formed around the Tendai Buddhist Enryaku ji originally founded by Saicho (Dengyo… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • Sanno-matsuri —    The festival for Sanno (gongen) celebrated at the Hiyoshi or Hie taisha on Mt. Hiei near Kyoto, and thousands of Hie jinja throughout Japan. At the Hie taisha two ara mitama of Oyama kui no kami are brought to a shrine on April 12 to be… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • Sannō Ichijitsu Shintō — ▪ religion Japanese“One Truth of Sannō Shintō”also called  Ichijitsu Shintō , or  Tendai Shintō        in Japanese religion, the syncretic school that combined Shintō with the teachings of the Tendai (Tiantai) sect of Buddhism. Shintō Buddhist… …   Universalium

  • Shinto — Shintoist, n., adj. /shin toh/, n. 1. Also, Shintoism. the native religion of Japan, primarily a system of nature and ancestor worship. adj. 2. Also, Shintoistic. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Shinto. [ < Japn shinto, earlier shintau <… …   Universalium

  • Shinto sects and schools — Torii gate typical from Shinto shrines Shinto (神道, shintō?), the …   Wikipedia

  • Shinto architecture — …   Wikipedia

  • Ryobu Shinto —     Two sided or Dual Shinto. The full name is Ryobu shugo shinto or Daishiryu shinto. An interpretation of kami beliefs and practices developed in the Kamakura period and maintained by the Shingon school of esoteric Buddhism. It holds that the… …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • List of Shinto shrines — This is a list of well known Shinto shrines in Japan. For Shinto shrines in other countries, scroll down to the See also section.Shinto shrines from specific sects or new churches are not included in this list.Hokkaidō and TōhokuHokkaidō*… …   Wikipedia

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