Sumiyoshi taisha

Sumiyoshi taisha
   An important Osaka shrine, popular today for commercial success among the businessmen of Osaka and traditionally revered for bestowing safety at sea. It is dedicated to kami born from Izanagi's purification in the sea after he had visited his dead wife Izanami in the land of yomi. Three kami enshrined in the Sumiyoshi taisha and in thousands of bunsha Sumiyoshi jinja throughout Japan are Soko-tsutsu-no-o-no-mikoto, Naka-tsutsu-no-o-no-mikoto and Wa-tsutsu-no-o-nomikoto. A ceremony is held on the last day of the year according to the lunar calendar in which one of three officiating priests carries the 'divine spear' and seaweed is gathered, presented to the kami and then distributed to participants. It is revered both for promoting safety at sea and for easy childbirth. (Cf. suiten-gu).

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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